The Best 29 Gallon Aquariums You Could Get On the Market Today 2018

best 29 gallon aquarium
Care & Maintenance

Many people love to own a fish aquarium. But everyone doesn’t have the space to place a big fish tank in their homes. On the other hand, sticking a couple of goldfish in a bowl is not the solution to your hobby and that is where a 29 gallon aquarium comes in handy.

There are many 29 gallon fish tanks on the market. Hence, choosing the ideal 29 gallon tank can be a big problem, especially for someone new to the hobby. There are many important factors to look for in a quality 29 gallon aquarium kit. This article reviews 5 of the best 29 gal fish tanks on the market today.

A 29 gallon fish tank fits right in the middle ground when it comes to choosing the right size for your home. It is not too large to take up a lot of space in your home or too small to limit the amount of fish that you can place in it.

In fact, the mid-sized 29 gallon fish aquarium can accommodate up to 8 fancy goldfish or 6 freshwater Angelfish. Furthermore, maintenance is not an issue when you invest in the best 29 gallon aquarium on the market. That is why the majority of buyers have positively reviewed these:

5 best 29-gallon aquariums on the market.

1. Oceanic 82052 BioCube Aquarium

This is a high-quality aquarium that comes with numerous salient features such as:

. Moon-glow LEDs
. Front corners with curved glass
. A wet/dry biofiltration system integrated into the system
. Dual fans

All necessary components are built into the aquarium. The filtration system of the aquarium has been enhanced with replaceable 2-stage filter cartridges compared to the earlier models. Hence, you can expect an easier filtration from this tank. Setting up the fish tank is quite easy because it comes with an instruction booklet. The product looks good and performs efficiently. It is not noisy at all. The downside of the tank is, it has a tendency to trap heat and the top doesn’t hinge – which makes cleaning a chore at times.

2. Aqueon Deluxe Kit Fish Tank

This fish tank is great for someone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of separately buying each item needed for setting up the aquarium. The deluxe kit comes with everything you need to start rearing fish such as the shatter-resistant glass aquarium, fluorescent hood, filter cartridge, power filter, submersible heater, fluorescent bulb, fishnet, thermometer, water conditioner, care guide, and the set-up guide. You get even the fish food as a bonus for the same amount – which is quite a bonus. It is easy to set-up the aquarium by referring to the guide that comes with the product.

3. Coralife BioCube 29-Gallon Fish Tank

This product has 4-button controls and separate power cords for easy set-up of the lights. It has salient features such as an upgraded cooling system, a hinge-top canopy design, a clear glass back panel for easier addition of accessories, a quiet submersible pump, and the ability to add modular LEDs. The pump works well, and the new design limits water evaporation. The noise of the cooling fans is quite low. In fact, the whole set-up and operation are quick and easy. The lighting system could benefit from an enhancement because it still runs hot even with the cooling fans.

4. Marineland Biowheel Aquarium Kit

Although this is a cheaper brand among the 29-gallon aquariums reviewed here, it is also one of the better ones. The quality is not compromised even though the tank is affordable. The salient features include 200-watt submersible heater, 29-gallon glass aquarium, cartridge, filter, fluorescent lighting, thermometer, fishnet, set-up guide, and food and water care samples. Setting up and maintenance is much easier. Since the hood is hinged, you don’t have to take out the entire thing when feeding the fish or cleaning the tank.

5. JBJ Nano Cube 28-Gallon Aquarium

If you like to go green, this is the best fish tank for you. It is an eco-friendly 28-gallon tank that is popular with a majority of fish-lovers out there. The product is an all-in-one system with a high-intensity LED illumination system. It lights round the clock but consumes less energy in the process. The system is kept cool at all times. Hence, you won’t be overheating the fish while the aquarium operates. The tank has a great filtration system, a thermal protector, a lightweight cover for easy feeding, and a wavemaker.


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