The Best Aquarium Gravel Cleaners for Your Tank

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Aquarium gravel cleaning may seem a laborious task. But it is very important in order to maintain a healthy aquarium for the fish as well as the aqua plants. Even though there are various filtration systems on the market, they alone won’t do a perfect job to maintain a healthy environment inside the tank. That is where a high-quality aquarium gravel cleaner comes in handy. Aquarium gravel cleaners can do a great job in maintaining an ideal environment for your fish and aquatic plants to thrive.

There are many reasons why aquarium gravel cleaning is so important. The aquarium floor has many debris such as uneaten food items, plant debris, and fish waste products. You cannot easily remove such debris from the aquarium floor without the assistance of an aquarium vacuum pump.

If you don’t clean this debris, the tank gets infested with various toxins and pollutants. The higher concentration of ammonia and nitrite can change the chemistry of the water in your aquarium. This may lead to a decreased immunity in the marine life and plants.

Gravel cleaning won’t eliminate all the bacteria in the aquarium. In fact, there are some bacteria that is needed to maintain a balance in the aquarium water. That is why you shouldn’t replace 100% of the water in the aquarium when cleaning the gravel. It is important that you add only 25% of fresh water when cleaning the gravel in the aquarium.

Cleaning the gravel inside the aquarium is no easy task. It is quite laborious – especially for the first-time aquarist. Most first-time aquarists try to manually clean the gravel by emptying the water from the aquarium. The latest developments in the industry have made gravel cleaning much easier than before.

In fact, you find so many fish tank vacuum pumps on the market today. These fish tank gravel vacuum cleaners are ideal to clean the gravel in your aquarium. But with dozens of fish tank rock cleaners on the market, choosing the right product is not an easy task. There are many things that you need to consider when investing in the best aquarium vacuum pumps on the market.

Here are four of the best fish tank cleaning pumps on the market today.

1. Fluval Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

This is one of the most efficient aquarium gravel cleaning products on the market today. It will help you perform the cleaning chore quite fast. It can be used in larger tanks too. But it may require a bit more time to perform the job because its suction power is limited due to the size of the pump. The product is ideal for a compact tank due to this reason. The product comes with many salient features such as:

. Easy start valve – This feature helps start the siphoning by moving the pump up/down in the water. The continuous water flow generated by the pump sucks up dirt and debris from the tank.

. It comes with two cleaning attachments for efficient cleaning.

. The unique gravel guard will prevent the tube being clogged by gravel.

2. Aqueon 06232 Vacuum Gravel Pump

This is another great gravel cleaning pump on the market. It has a self-priming tube that moves up and down to initiate a constant water flow. The debris in the tank is pulled out leaving a healthier and cleaner environment inside the aquarium. Some of the salient features of the product include the hose clip, the ten-inch intake bulb, and the six-inch flexible hose. All in all, this is a great fish tank cleaning pump on the market today.

3. EHEIM Automatic Gravel Cleaner

This is a battery-operated gravel cleaner that vacuums all the debris into a fine mesh cartridge. This pump can trap even the smallest particles of debris with the click of a button. This product is easy to assemble and easy to remove for a quick clean-up process. The suction power is powerful and is great for a larger tank. The manufacturer recommends using the cleaner for a minimum 12-inch depth tank.

4. TOM Mr. Cleaner Gravel Siphon Pump

This is a battery-operated cleaning pump that is efficient and cost-effective at the same time. The aquarists can have an easier time cleaning and maintaining a healthy aquarium environment with this tank. This cleaning pump is ideal for nano tanks. Some of the salient features of the product include reliability and easy operation, an easy flow rate for spot cleaning, and extra security when using the pump on water due to the battery operation feature.

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