Finding the best aquarium UV sterilizer for your tank

best aquarium UV sterilizers
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A UV Aquarium Sterilizer is an important part of keeping your fresh or saltwater aquariums free from disease causing bacteria and infectious organisms. Fish tanks that uses these specialized sterilizers don’t need a typical filtration system to reduce the parasitic algae and viruses from the water supply.

The powerful UV rays can kill all microorganisms and improve the quality of your water and the health of your fish, so picking the best aquarium UV sterilizers is paramount to the health of your tank.

The function is quite similar to a conventional fish tank filter. Placed in or near the tank the water from the tank will be drawn into the UV sterilizer with a pump system. The water passes into a special chamber where a powerful UV bulb is located and the microorganisms are bombarded with powerful UV rays that effectively destroy them. This results in a considerable reduction in the parasitic plant and animal life within the aquarium, creates cleaner clearer water and prolongs the lives of your pretty fish.

Best Aquarium UV Sterilizers on the market

1. Green-Killing Machine 9W UV Sterilizer

UV watts: 9
Features: LED indicator light when UV bulb needs replacing
Ideal for: aquariums up to 50 G
Type: internal sterilizer

This is a fully submersible option that applies a 254 nm UV bulb to eliminate all contaminants in a 50-gallon tank. Making it a great alternative to chemical treatments or other filtration systems. You will find this unit has been designed to pass the water through a special zig-zag chamber that maximizes the UV bombardment and ensures that all microorganism is affected.

This solution is also very easy to apply to your aquarium and features strong suction cups that attach to the glass walls of the aquarium. If the UV bulb wears out, a small LED light will indicate the need for replacements.

2. SunSun 9W Aquarium UV sterilizer( pump included)

UV watts: 9
Flow rate: 210 GPH
Ideal for: 75 gallon fresh/saltwater aquariums
Type: internal sterilizer equipped with a pump

This product from SunSun is also available in other sizes for aquariums up to 75 gallons and allows you a more effective way of controlling the algaes, yeasts and other bacteria that can build up within fresh and saltwater tanks. With a flow rate of 210 GPH, this UV sanitizer is the perfect option for all type of tanks.

The design to this unit is also considerably more formidable and it includes the pump to pull unfiltered water into the UV chamber as well as an additional prefiltration system for pulling larger contaminants that may be present in the water from the tanks before the water is passed through UV sanitation. This pre-filter considerably improves the longevity of the device by keeping the interior of the chamber from becoming overrun with debris.

3. Coralife Turbo-Twist , 36W

UV watts: 36
Pump: requires a 300-900 GPH pump (not included)
Ideal for: fresh/salt/reef tanks and indoor/outdoor pond up to 500 gallons
Type: in-line

For tanks the size of a small pool, you will need a considerably larger and more potent system, luckily the Coralife Turbo twist, equipped with a quartz glass sleeve can handle tanks of all sizes and is one of the best solutions to purified aquarium water on the markets. The potent PL-type compact 36W fluorescent bulb is powerful enough to clean the largest home and office aquariums and even outdoor ponds as well.

With an innovative turbo-twist design, this unit ensures that more water passes through its powerful UV rays and is thoroughly cleansed. You will need to hook up this UV sanitizer to a preexisting pumping system with a flow rate of between 300 to 900 gph.

4. Aquatop Hang-On filter

UV wattage: 5 watts
Flow rate: 64 gallons per hour, adjustable
Ideal for: freshwater/saltwater aquariums up to 15 gallons
Type: external power filter with UV sterilization

For an effective and affordable solution to keeping small to medium tanks clean and sanitized, the setup is simple and requires no additional products to perform an effective job. The flow rate is 64 gph and this makes it suited to tanks smaller than 15 gallons. This unit contains both the filtration system made of Top-Quality bamboo carbon for effective removal of all contaminants, and UV light making it a preferred unit for the time-pressed aquarium enthusiast.

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