13 Best Betta Fish Accessories You can Get for Your Bettas

betta fish accessories
Betta Fish

If you’re the owner of a Beta fish, you already know that they are naturally inquisitive and very intelligent. They enjoy having plenty of things in their tank to explore in their world. There are a variety of things that you can do to entertain your Beta and offer him or her plenty to do during the day.

Keep in mind, however, that prior to putting items into your Beta’s tank, you’ll want to ensure that the items are safe for your Beta and that there aren’t any sharp edges to hurt your beloved pet. Also, some plastics may release toxins that could poison your Beta so you’ll want to ensure that what goes into the tank is safe and non-toxic.

To a Beta, it’s important to have plenty of hiding areas and places to hang out. They also enjoy places to swim around and duck in and out of to explore.

13 betta fish accessoriesHow To Care For Your Beta

Your Beta will thrive on plenty of interaction with you. Many Beta pet owners move their Beta tank around and keep it near them while they’re going about their day. This accomplishes several things.

It keeps the Beta entertained in that the Beta has a new environment to enjoy and explore when peering through the fish bowl. It also helps you to bond with your pet much like you would bond with your cat or dog.

Your Beta will thrive when you interact with him or her by moving the tank around as they will enjoy the changes in their environment and surroundings. It will help to keep the Beta entertained and they will give you back a lot of enjoyment when you make this choice.

Keeping your Beta tank clean will go far in helping you to have a healthy Beta, you can find out how to keep your tank clean here .You’ll want to place your Beta into a safe container and drain the water out of the main tank.

Rinse the tank out and make sure that you rinse the gravel as well. Never use any chemicals on your tank as these could harm your Beta. You’ll want to keep your Beta safe and well when you are tending to his or her home.

When refilling the tank, be sure to allow the water to settle and come back up to the proper temperature before you put the Beta back into the tank. If you put the Beta into the tank too soon, you risk your Beta dying of shock.

You want to avoid this so don’t rush the process. For this reason, many Beta owners use two tanks and alternate between the two. This keeps the Beta safer as the owner can clean one tank and then allow it to sit for a few days prior to moving the Beta to the other tank.

Best Accessories & Toys For Your Beta Fish

Many Beta owners add unique toys into the tank periodically. These can be interchangeable so that the Beta is always enjoying something new and unique. By adding in a different toy each time the water is changed out Beta owners have found that their Beta is entertained and that they are challenged intellectually.

Here are some great suggestions for toys & accessories to add to your Beta tank each time you change out the water. Vary what is in the tank and keep your Beta happy.

  • Ping Pong Ball
  • LED Lights
  • Mirror
  • Post It Note On Outside Of Tank
  • Hideaways
  • Leaf Hammock
  • Laser Pointer
  • Floating Toys
  • Use Dry Erase Markers On Outside Of Tank For Decorations
  • Use Different Items Outside Of The Tank For Your Beta To Explore
  • Train Beta To Jump Through Hoops
  • Shipwrecks In Bottom Of Tank
  • Pineapple House Inside Of Tank

Entertaining Your Beta/Keeping Your Beta Happy

A lot of fish owners don’t realize that Beta can be trained just as any other pet. While they certainly can’t play fetch or chase their tail, they can learn to jump through hoops. They can provide plenty of interaction with you and you’ll note that when you have a happy fish, they tend to live longer.

Betas enjoy having places to hide and explore.

For a Beta, the ability to hide and swim and explore are all important. There are a variety of great decorations on the market today that offer these options.

You could also use items that you have around the house as long as they are safe for your Beta and non-toxic. From Beta leaf hammocks to ship wrecks and little fish houses or freshwater aquarium plants, you’re sure to find something that will entertain and offer your Beta many great options.

Your Beta will enjoy exploring and you’ll enjoy watching your Beta explore when you consider a variety of options & accessories for him or her to enjoy. It’s also fun to change things out and watch your Beta when you’re simply relaxing. These tips will help your Beta to thrive.

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