Keeping Betta Better – The Best Foods For Betta Fish

betta fish food
Betta Fish

Best Betta Fish Food

There is no denying that Betta Fish are among the most attractive of tropical species. However keeping them healthy can be a challenge, especially for the novice Betta owner. Variants such as Regal Crowntails can live up to five years- but one slip up in care and you are looking at a life expectancy that can be as short as a couple of weeks.

Of course a large part of keeping Betta’s in the best of health is to provide them with the best diet possible.

So if you want your Betta fish to thrive and continue to provide you with an entertaining and relaxing aquarium experience what are the best foods for these sometimes extremely picky eaters?

Betta’s are carnivores and will thrive on fresh food like crustaceans, small insects and even worms in the wild. In fact there are options for feeding them live food even within the aquarium environment. However, luckily there are also extremely healthy and nutritious alternatives which come in frozen form.

betta fish food guideHere are some of the best choices.

1. Fresh Mosquito Larvae.

In their natural environment Betta fish thrive on fresh mosquito larvae and in the aquarium environment they will as well. however if you are harvesting mosquito larvae great care must be taken to ensure that the water that you harvest them from is completely clean. If in doubt avoid this food source as dirty water can contaminate your aquarium and lead to die offs.

2. Microworms.

Excellent for the health of your Betta fish and even young fish Microworms are among the easiest of foods to cultivate at home. A fantastic source of nutrients. there are also variants called Mini Micro Worms which are ideal for feeding fry.

3. Brine Shrimp.

Another species that is pretty easy to cultivate in your home. These are excellent for feeding the smaller fry. however the adults are also great for feeding the adult Betta fish.

4. Daphnia.

Sometimes called water fleas Daphnia can be found in ponds all over the world. If you want to start cultivating this excellent food source it is highly recommended that you ask an aquarium specialist or pet shop owner where to source specimens that are free of disease or contaminants. Many of them also play host to parasites. It is simply not advisable to harvest them from natural sources to start cultivating them.

5. Bloodworms.

Bloodworm imitations are favorites with fly fisherman which should give an indication how fish of many different species love these tasty morsels. They’re not actually worms at all, but rather the larvae of a type of midge. They are full to the brim with protein and iron – however there may be an issue with some of the essential amino acids that Betta fish need. So consult an expert and do not rely on Bloodworms as an exclusive food source.

6. Earthworms.

The humble earthworm is an excellent food source. Collect them from the backyard and slice them up into bite sized chunks.

If you are going to be cultivating your own food sources check with an aquarium expert first. There may be easier frozen alternatives which provide a more balanced and infinitely easier way to keep your Betta fish happy and healthy.

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