betta fish companions
Betta Fish

5 Of The Best Betta Fish Companions

What are the Best Betta Fish Companions? You may be thinking that your tank looks really empty and if it will be possible to put any other type of fish with your betta’s. The answer to this question is not always the steadfast rule, but rather a guideline. Here is …

betta fish accessories
Betta Fish

13 Best Betta Fish Accessories You can Get for Your Bettas

If you’re the owner of a Beta fish, you already know that they are naturally inquisitive and very intelligent. They enjoy having plenty of things in their tank to explore in their world. There are a variety of things that you can do to entertain your Beta and offer him …

betta fish food
Betta Fish

Keeping Betta Better – The Best Foods For Betta Fish

Best Betta Fish Food There is no denying that Betta Fish are among the most attractive of tropical species. However keeping them healthy can be a challenge, especially for the novice Betta owner. Variants such as Regal Crowntails can live up to five years- but one slip up in care …

betta fish breeding
Betta Fish

How to Breed Betta Fish – A Step By Step Guide

Betta Fish Breeding Last time we looked at how to take care your betta fish and now today we will take a look at how to breed betta fish. ¬†Breeding Betta fish is challenging but it can be an extremely fulfilling challenge if you take all proper precautions and do …

how to take care of a betta fish
Betta Fish

How to Take Care of a Betta Fish Wisely

Helpful Tips on How to Care For a Betta Fish Having the knowledge to look after betta fish is important if you are planning on keeping bettas or intend to use them for breeding purposes. Betta fish are one of the best of the tropical fish to have but they …

types of betta fish
Betta Fish

Types of Betta Fish – Tail Types and Patterns

The 7 Types of Betta Fish Betta fish come in a lot of different species. Although there are distinct variations in these species, there are also a lot of similarities. These include size, color and fin shape. When you purchase a betta at a pet store, you are likely buying …