best 5 gallon fish tanks
Care & Maintenance

How To Choose The Best 5 Gallon Fish Tank

You looking to purchase a small 5 gallon fish tank that you can use at your home? You may want to find out if having a fish tank is in your best interest. For those that have never had one before, it might be interesting to see if you would …

Best 10 Gallon Fish Tanks
Care & Maintenance

What Are The Best 10 Gallon Fish Tanks?

If you love having fish in your home, then it is vital that you provide them with an appropriate habitat. A good 10 gallon fish tank will give your swimming friends a great place to live, as well as be aesthetically pleasing to view. This size tank is perfect for …

Acrylic Vs Glass tank
Care & Maintenance

Acrylic Vs Glass Fish Tank – Which One Is Better?

The discussion whether it’s better to go with an acrylic or glass aquarium is definitely not new. However, it’s probably a discussion that will never get settled. Why? Because both types of tanks offer different advantages and disadvantages. So, if you want to make an objective decision based on the …

best 29 gallon aquarium
Care & Maintenance

The Best 29 Gallon Aquariums You Could Get On the Market Today 2018

Many people love to own a fish aquarium. But everyone doesn’t have the space to place a big fish tank in their homes. On the other hand, sticking a couple of goldfish in a bowl is not the solution to your hobby and that is where a 29 gallon aquarium …

Care & Maintenance

The Best Aquarium Gravel Cleaners for Your Tank

Aquarium gravel cleaning may seem a laborious task. But it is very important in order to maintain a healthy aquarium for the fish as well as the aqua plants. Even though there are various filtration systems on the market, they alone won’t do a perfect job to maintain a healthy …

Care & Maintenance

The Best Small and Cheap Aquarium Water Chillers

If you are planning to set up an aquarium, then you have multiple responsibilities to ensure that the aquatic life you put in it has everything necessary to thrive. The fish and invertebrates in your tank are cold-blooded, which simply means that their temperature is regulated by the water around …

led aquarium lighting
Care & Maintenance

LED Aquarium Lighting that Lights Up Your Tank!

If you really care about the pets in your aquarium, you should be investing in the best LED aquarium lighting fixtures. In fact, LED lighting fixtures are ideal for aquarium plants and corals. They are designed to provide the optimal temperature and lighting conditions to the aquatic plants in your …

best aquarium UV sterilizers
Care & Maintenance

Finding the best aquarium UV sterilizer for your tank

A UV Aquarium Sterilizer is an important part of keeping your fresh or saltwater aquariums free from disease causing bacteria and infectious organisms. Fish tanks that uses these specialized sterilizers don’t need a typical filtration system to reduce the parasitic algae and viruses from the water supply. The powerful UV …

small & quiet aquarium pump
Care & Maintenance

The Best Small And Quiet Aquarium Pump

Many people think of an aquarium as an aid to help them get a good night’s sleep due to its relaxing effect. It’s true that an aquarium can help you get some relief from stress but many people don’t seem to be aware of the common problems related to keeping …

best filters for small aquarium
Care & Maintenance

Best Filters for Smaller Aquariums (3 to 5 Gallon)

The best small filter for fish tank housing Betta fish or other small tropical fish like Neon Tetra or Guppies should be chosen carefully. In addition to purifying the water, a proper filtration system will function without agitating the water and stressing out your fish. The following article will include …