small & quiet aquarium pump
Care & Maintenance

The Best Small And Quiet Aquarium Pump

Many people think of an aquarium as an aid to help them get a good night’s sleep due to its relaxing effect. It’s true that an aquarium can help you get some relief from stress but many people don’t seem to be aware of the common problems related to keeping …

best filters for small aquarium
Care & Maintenance

Best Filters for Smaller Aquariums (3 to 5 Gallon)

The best small filter for fish tank housing Betta fish or other small tropical fish like Neon Tetra or Guppies should be chosen carefully. In addition to purifying the water, a proper filtration system will function without agitating the water and stressing out your fish. The following article will include …

small fish tank & nano aquarium
Care & Maintenance

A Look at the Best Small Fish Tanks

Small, or ‘nano’ fish tanks are becoming increasingly popular with people who want to keep fish in their apartment, or in their office – areas where space is at a premium. What is a Small Fish Tank? There are lots of small fish tanks on the market these days. A …

fish tank thermometers
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The 4 Best Fish Tank Thermometers You Should Spend Your Money On

There are numerous fish species you can rear in your fish tank, and some are sensitive to cold and heat. And with such fish in your aquarium, it would be a mistake to depend on your home’s heating system. You will need a fish tank thermometer so that it is …

best heaters for small aquarium
Care & Maintenance

Top 5 Best Heaters For Small Aquarium

Aquarium fish can make your home look more lively. They are colorful, pretty, and don’t require that much of attention. But you have to do certain things to keep the fish healthy and comfortable. An aquarium heater is an essential device that can keep your fish comfortable and healthy. The …

fish feeders vacation
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Which Automatic Vacation Fish Feeders do You Need While on Holiday?

Aquarists have been known to develop special bond with their aquatic friends and keeping them well fed and happy is high on the priority list. When vacation time rolls by, the need for rest and a change of scenery can clash with this priority, but you can’t take your guppies …

freshwater aquarium filters
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The Top 5 Freshwater Aquarium Filters For Your Fish Friends

How to pick the best Freshwater Aquarium Filters Whether you’re new to having an aquarium or you’ve had pet fish for decades; finding the best freshwater aquarium filters on the market never seems easy. New companies are appearing left and right. There are also new filtration technologies being developed all …

how do fish sleep
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How do Fish Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Do Fish Ever Sleep? Today we will talk about how fish are able to sleep. Most animals feel the need to sleep from time to time, and this is certainly also true regarding fish. It can be difficult to tell when one of these marine creatures is sleeping due to …

how to get rid of brown algae in fish tank
Care & Maintenance

How to get rid of brown algae in fish tank easily

Brown algae also known as diatoms can be incredibly difficult to remove from a fish tank. The worse thing is that it can be harmful to fish and looks terrible. Brown algae is a unicellular organism, brown in color with a bony structure composed primarily of silicone nitrate. Brown algae …

how to remove nitrates from aquarium
Care & Maintenance

How to Remove Nitrates From Aquarium Easily

Nitrates are naturally occurring compounds that build up in aquatic environments. In your aquarium, this could be due to the natural breakdown of fish droppings, half-eaten food (fish are messy eaters), and other decaying biological matter in the tank. A high nitrate concentration in the water is dangerous to fish …