how to raise ph in aquarium
Care & Maintenance

How to raise pH in Aquarium gradually

The survival of fish in your aquarium depends on several factors including the pH of the water in the aquarium. The water pH has to be maintained at a certain range for the fish to thrive. The fish can’t survive in water with low pH. Natural changes such as decaying …

how to set up a fish tank
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How To Set Up An Aquarium Fish Tank Guide

Aquarium Setup Guide – How to set up your Freshwater Aquarium Certain important factors need to be taken into consideration when learning how to set up a fish tank properly. They are the selection of aquarium location, use of sand stones and ornaments, and the significant addition of appropriate plants. …

Green aquarium water
Care & Maintenance

Green Aquarium Water – Causes and Cures

How to Get Rid of Green Aquarium Water When we initially set up our saltwater aquariums, we think of beautiful vibrantly colored fish swimming around in the pristine water. Unfortunately, from time to time anyone involved in the hobby of fish keeping will have to deal with green aquarium water …

How to keep fish tank water clear
Care & Maintenance

The Secrets to Keeping Fish Tank Water Crystal Clear

Anyone who has been an aquarium owner knows the joy of a clean, beautiful aquarium. The water is sparkling, the fish are moving around happily and the overall effect is calming and wonderful. However, anyone who has kept fish for any length of time has also experienced the unhappy effect …

how to clean a fish tank
Care & Maintenance

How to Clean a Fish Tank the Smart Way

Clever Tricks on How to Clean a Fish Tank As with any pet, you have to make sure to keep their environment safe and clean. Fishes are particularly tricky because any slight change in their water can either help or hurt them. The steps below will show you the easiest …

cloudy fish tank
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Why Is My Fish Tank Cloudy – Reasons and Cures

Why Is My Fish Tank So Cloudy After a While? Many aquarium owners are baffled by the exact same problem – “Why is my fish tank cloudy”?. There is no single cause to this problem. But the problem can be pinpointed to some basic causes based on color and circumstances …