Fish That Get Along With Goldfish | Top 7 Cohabitants

Fish That Get Along With Goldfish

Fish That Get Along with Goldfish? – Reveal Top Seven Companions & Cohabitants for Goldfish

Aquarium enthusiasts often prefer to keep a school of beautiful goldfish into their favorite aquariums. However, you need to be pretty careful about choosing and selecting the right tank mates for your goldfish to avoid potential problems. Needless to mention, not every species of non-aggressive fish can dwell perfectly with goldfish. That’s why choosing the right fish that get along with goldfish will certainly help you creating and maintaining a peaceful and harmonious aquatic community.

Goldfish Are Freshwater Dwellers

What Fish Can Get Along with Goldfish? – Aquarium enthusiasts often wonder what type of fish can be an ideal companion for goldfish. However, you must be aware of the fact that specific requirements should be considered in order to find a perfect cohabitant for your goldfish. For example, goldfish are widely known as freshwater dwellers. Therefore, you can not simply put saltwater fish species as their tank mates. Additionally, goldfish species do not thrive in the warm water.

The Right Temperature

In general, a goldfish tank should ideally have a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus when it comes to choosing good companions for your favorite goldfish, you need to be careful about this temperature preference. Fish species that prefer warmer temperatures can not be a good option to consider. Moreover, the balance of alkalinity and acidity, or the pH balance of an ideal goldfish tank should range from 7.0 to 8.0. Hence the aquatic inhabitants that you select for your goldfish (as their friends cum companions) should be able to survive in such tank conditions (as mentioned above).

Let us now reveal top 7 fish that get along with goldfish.

1. Dojo/Weather Loaches

weather loaches

If you have already decided to keep another species of fish in your goldfish tank, then dojo/weather loaches will be your best choice. They are widely considered to be one of the very few friendly fishes that can form a harmonic community in a home aquarium. These species prefer to thrive in cooler temperature (just as goldfish). Moreover, many of them may even tend to get along with goldfish. Among the types of fish species that you can keep in a goldfish tank, weather loaches are the least problematic.

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The only problem that may arise sometimes is that an adult goldfish often tries to consume a juvenile dojo loach. To avoid such issues, it is recommended to keep those dojo loaches that are at least 2-inches long so that they do not become a prey of goldfish.

2. Fathead Minnows/Rosy Red Minnows

rose red minnows

The Rosy Red Minnows or Fathead Minnows are mostly found throughout the rivers and freshwater streams of North America. Despite their small size, this brilliant-colored and beautiful fish can be a good goldfish companion. Since they are indigenous to the cool waters of North America, they can survive well in a goldfish tank.

3. Bristlenose Plecos

bristlenose plecos

If you are looking for algae eating fish species that can be a good cohabitant of goldfish, then “Bristlenose Plecos” will be a great option to consider. The natural food preference of these fish species includes voracious algae eating habit. Bristlenose plecos enjoy a temperature between 72 – 77 degrees Farhenite. Thus, they are expected to grow and flourish properly in a goldfish aquarium.

4. Zebra Danios


Another go-to fish that you may keep with your goldfish is Zebra Danios. They feature an incredibly unique and easily recognizable striped zebra pattern. Zebra danios are a perennial favorite of freshwater aquarium enthusiasts. This fish species can withstand the cooler temperatures of a goldfish tank. And, when they are kept in a group six or more, they will rarely show their aggression towards other fish species in their tank. Thus they help you maintain a peaceful and blissful aquatic community.

5. Rosy Barbs

rosy barbs

Rosy Barbs can be a pretty nice choice when it comes to selecting the right type of fish that get along with goldfish. These subtropical barbs aren’t aggressive. Plus, they feature a similar outlook and appearance as goldfish (but with a sumptuous pink hue). The ideal tank temperature for this species can be 65-72 degrees. Adult rosy barbs generally feature a size between 4-6 inches. Due to their goldfish-like appearance, they aren’t usually consumed by a full-grown goldfish.

6. Apple Snail & Ghost Shrimp

Apple snails feature a large hard shell that can’t be easily torn off by a goldfish’s attack. That’s why Apple snails are usually recommended to be kept in a goldfish tank.

apple snail

Ghost shrimp can be another great addition to your aquarium. Plus, they don’t harm your goldfish anyway.

ghost shrimp

7. Other Goldfish

You can fill your goldfish tank with other goldfish species. Needless to mention, goldfish are an omnivorous predatory fish which get along pretty well with other variants of their species. Just make sure that all of them are similar in size & variety. For an instance, if you keep a small-sized goldfish in your tank with larger varieties, the newcomer is more likely to become a prey instead of being a viable tank mate.

You have now seen the best of top seven companions and fish that get along with goldfish, go and take care your great goldfish or learn more other fish caring tips such as what food to feed your fish or keeping your fish tank clean and non cloudy

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