The Secrets to Keeping Fish Tank Water Crystal Clear

How to keep fish tank water clear
Care & Maintenance

Anyone who has been an aquarium owner knows the joy of a clean, beautiful aquarium. The water is sparkling, the fish are moving around happily and the overall effect is calming and wonderful. However, anyone who has kept fish for any length of time has also experienced the unhappy effect on fish and people alike of a dirty, unhealthy tank so learning how to keep fish tank water clear is paramount.

How do you keep a fish tank water clean

clear fish bowl

1. Invest in a good quality power filter that is the right size for your tank

The right filter will remove ammonia and small debris from your tank constantly, and if you choose one with a biological filter, will also help to maintain the healthy balance of bacteria in the tank, eliminating or minimizing that grayish bacterial bloom that can happen after a water change.

2. Do changing water periodically

Change your water, but not too much at one time, and not too often. If your power filter is operating correctly, you should do well with either a ten percent water change weekly or twenty-five percent water change monthly. More than this and you invite a bacterial bloom due to the imbalance of bacteria in the tank. It won’t harm your fish but it is unattractive and frustrating.

3. Maintain your power filter

Change the cartridges on a regular basis. A ten-minute investment in weekly changes will save you much more time down the road. The cartridge refills usually come in packs that will save you money and ensure that you always have your supplies at hand. Also, once a month, take apart the filter and clean the impeller area to prevent any build up of matter that may prevent your filter from working properly. This shouldn’t take more than ten minutes and an old toothbrush is a perfect tool for this little task.

4. Add some bottom feeders to your tank

There are any number of gentle community tank bottom feeders that will help to keep your tank clear of algae. However, the idea that these bottom feeders will eat the detritus in your tank is not true. Nothing is going to eat the heavier pieces of fish poop that settle to the bottom. But they will help to clean the fish tank and clean up extra food that settles if you occasionally over feed your friends. There’s a big selection, so do a little research and choose one or more fish species that will get along with the other fish in your tank.

5. Don’t skimp on your siphon for vacuuming the tank bottom

If you’ve done the other steps, you’ll probably only need to do this once a month, but it will still need to be done. Heavier detritus needs to be vacuumed out of the tank, there’s just nothing else for it. Don’t skimp here. A cheap siphon will frustrate you and make you put off this crucial task. It will also take longer, adding time to your monthly maintenance schedule. Get a good one, preferably the kind with a long hose so that you can siphon directly into your toilet or whatever repository you’re using. The right one will also have a filter to prevent you from accidentally siphoning out your family friends.This task, done with the right equipment, might take you fifteen minutes, depending on the size of your tank, from the moment you get the siphon out, until you’re cleaning it up and putting it away.

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