How to Take Care of a Betta Fish Wisely

how to take care of a betta fish
Betta Fish

Helpful Tips on How to Care For a Betta Fish

Having the knowledge to look after betta fish is important if you are planning on keeping bettas or intend to use them for breeding purposes. Betta fish are one of the best of the tropical fish to have but they do have some special needs that can simply be met with a few simple caring tips so check out few useful tips below on how to take care of a betta fish wisely.

How to take care of a betta fish with the right equipment

care for betta fish
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The initial thing to do is to set up the needed equipment. If you are looking for betta only for the aim of breeding you are going to need different equipment than if you were seeking bettas only for the aim of having a exquisite addition to your house and family.

If you are looking for the intention of merely savoring bettas in your home, bear in mind that male bettas, and in some cases female bettas, do not always get along with one another or with a number of other maine creatures so you will have to have distinct tanks for for each one of your fish.

Adequate Space

how to take care of a betta fish
Spacious Fish Tank

Bettas do not call for a large amount of space but they do require adequate space to move around comfortably in the aquarium. So in fact there should be adequate space for the fish to swim up, to the bottom and to all the edges without their fins touching the sides of aquarium.

Types of Plants

aquarium plants
Aquarium Plants

In learning how to care for betta fish, you will discover the option of whether or not to utilize living vegetation or use inorganic plants. Aquarium Plants are not a must but it does assist in providing the bettas a more comfortable environment, of the two plant varieties live vegetation are better than inorganic plants as they supply a lot of benefits as well as being healthier for the bettas. They do however need to be quarantined prior to being situated in the fish tank. Gravel is not essential, but it does give the bettas stuff to play around with when creating nests.

Types of food

Aquarium Food

Another thing to consider is the food that you will be providing the betta. This can be live fish food, frozen, freeze dried or in the variety of shots and flecks. There are a few betta that will reject anything but fresh food and there are some others who will not touch living food, so presenting a bit of both will give you an idea of what your betta likes. When determining how to take care of a betta fish you will also wish to find out about the assorted illnesses that your betta could encounter. How to distinguish the illnesses and what you should do to make your betta well again if it becomes sick.

Appropriate Environment

fish bowl
The right environment for your fish

Make the right selection of the bowl. It is essential to grasp that when employing a small bowl, the temperature of the water has a tendency to undergo lots of fluctuations. The temperature becomes very hot in the day and drops down drastically during the night. This naturally is not a favorable situation for the well being of the fish. Furthermore it becomes essential to change water in a miniscule bowl daily. On the other hand if you make use of big bowl, you can continue with the same water for a period of minimum of 3 days.

The Right Temperature

It has been observed that betta fish needs a lot of warmth for its survival. The temperature that is most fitted for the well being of the betta fish is seventy five degrees to 80 degrees. Such a temperature can be simply maintained in the summertime season. However, it is clear that in the nights the temperature of water lowers down. This could negatively affect the health of your pet fish. So as to avoid such situation, you can make use of the tube heaters. In this context rubber cover flaps can also prove to be significantly helpful. In addition you can provide heat to the betta fish by simply putting it on a seedling heat pad.

Keeping Water Clean

fish tank clean water
Keeping water clean

It is also essential to ensure that the water is kept fresh and clean, living vegetation can assist with this, but so can filters. Making a point that you can take out any uneaten fish food before it has an opportunity to drop to the base of the tank of the aquarium and pollute the water will also serve to provide a safe and wholesome place for your betta.

With all this, caring for betta fish should not be extraordinarily difficult. Just adhere to these few simple things on how to take care of a betta fish and your types of betta fish should be living not just longer but happily too.

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