How to Take Care Of Goldfish The Right Way

how to take care of goldfish

How to Take Care Of Goldfish – An Essential Care Guide

Owning a goldfish or getting a new one is something every aquarium hobbyist wishes for. For some people, goldfishes are as important as their children and try to provide them with the highest quality living. All aquarium owners should quip themselves with enough knowledge on how to take care of goldfish in their home and should be giving their fish a home and a lifestyle close to their natural habitat, in order to raise a healthy and happy pet.

Goldfish Care:

A fish as a pet is very easy to take care of and keep. They just need a little aquarium and very less feeding and cleaning. They do not bark, leave hair on cushions or sofas or need expensive treats or evening walks etc. They just need a small tank of water and little care and feeding.

A Goldfish is the most common fish kept as a pet. Many types & species of goldfish are present all over. They are in many colors but all look cute. The care and food requirements of goldfish are a little different from other fish as they are more delicate and sensitive.

Following are some tips and suggestions on how to take care of Goldfish the smart way:

Caring For Goldfish:

Size of the Goldfish Aquarium:

Aquarium size

The important thing to consider when thinking about your goldfishes health is the size of the aquarium you have him in. The larger the aquarium the better the water quality will be for your fish. This is both in terms of toxicity of the water and of how much oxygen gets into the water. A tank that is short and long will be better because there is a lot of surface area to allow air in. The trendy tanks that are very tall but small and circumference might look good but they do not provide the best environment for your fish. The more gallons of water you have for each of your fish the cleaner and healthier the water will be.

Feeding your Goldfish:

Goldfish, being omnivores, eat both meat and plants and you should provide them with a diet that is rich in both. Just feeding on the flake food that you find in the pet stores isn’t ideal. You can actually buy special goldfish food as well as frozen foods for your fetish. If you do buy them frozen foods be sure that you saw them out before putting them in the aquarium. The thing about goldfish, however, is that they are a lot like dogs in that they will tend to overeat so you have to be careful about not overfeeding them.

If you do feed your fish too much then, not only will they have more waste that they are excreting into the water, but excess food will accumulate on the bottom of the tank. The waste in the food will rot causing ammonia to build up making the water quality unhealthy for your fish.

The Water:

To keep the water quality at its best, you should change the water in your tank about once a month. Siphon all the food off the bottom intake at about 25% of the water replacing it with new water which is at room temperature and has had water conditioner added. You should definitely learn how to clean your fish tank and not making water cloudy, the cleaner you keep your aquarium water the healthier your fish will be. But it’s important to remember not to take up too much water at one time as this will have an adverse effect on your fish.

Goldfish Water Temperature:

goldfish temperature

Goldfish like the temperature in the tank to be somewhere between 65 to 68 degrees F. anything more laughs will cause illness in your fish. Higher temperatures will cause less oxygen to be in the water which can eventually your goldfishes organs. Temperature fluctuations are not good for your fish so be sure you have a good heater thermostat and you can regulate the temperature accordingly.

Good filtration:

aquarium filter

Good filtration in your aquarium is key to keeping your goldfish healthy. In addition, you should not overfill the aquarium with too many fish. The general rule is about 1 inch of fish per 1 gallon of water, but remember goldfish are not just linear they’re rounded so you’ll have to take this into consideration. Also, don’t forget that your goldfish will grow, this is definitely a little thing to keep in mind when you are first learning how to take care of goldfish, so be smart! Use a test kit each week to measure the ammonia nitrite and nitrate levels in your fish tank and adjust water accordingly. To develop good resistance in your goldfish you should keep changing the fish food after every month or so. Feeding them a variety of food will keep goldfish healthy, active and makes their color fresh and bright.

Most owners also like to feed their fish on the first day. It is advisable to avoid this, as the goldfish will definitely not eat the food. This will only cause your aquarium to become dirty. You can feed them as usual on the next day.

Goldfish is indeed a great fish but many enthusiast just give up when it comes to caring. Learning how to take care of goldfish shouldn’t be hard, especially with few of the tips you saw above, you should be well on your way to taking care of your little companion

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