Awesome Turtle Aquarium Ideas that You Cant Miss

turtle aquarium ideas
Turtle Aquarium

Turtle Aquarium Ideas: Turn Your Turtle’s Home Into His Paradise

turtle aquariumHaving a turtle as a pet can be a rewarding experience. These beautiful creatures are enjoyable to care for and watch as they go about doing the things that they love.

As a turtle owner, keeping your pet in an aquarium is the safest and best option. And if you desire, you can customize your turtle’s aquarium to make it enjoyable for your pet and nice for you to look at. Check out below several decorating ideas you can use as you set up your turtle tank.

Adding decorative rocks or gravel

The type of bedding or substrate you use in your aquarium will depend on the type turtle you have. If you have an aquatic turtle, you can add decorative rocks or gravel to his tank.

You can find them outside or at your local pet shop. No matter where you get them, make sure they are clean and safe before adding them to the tank.

For box turtles you can add wood chips, except for cedar or pine chips. Just make sure they are big enough that your pet won’t ingest them.

A Place to bask

Turtles also appreciate a place to bask. Big rocks are perfect for this and allow your shelled pet to sprawl out and enjoy the heat. Logs are also a good addition and allow your turtle to relax and bask.

It is important that your turtle can get to his rock or log, though, so you may want to include some sort of stairs or ladder. These can be purchased or made using rocks or other items you may already have.

Adding decorative plants

Turtles enjoy plants. Whether you have an aquatic turtle or a box turtle, you may find adding some greenery to his tank a nice addition. Some turtles, however, may eat the plant you add to the tank so placing plastic plants may be the best option.

Giving your turtle a hiding spot

A turtle living in an aquarium may not always enjoy being on display. For this reason, adding a hiding spot or two is something your little pet will appreciate. There are turtle hidings spots you can purchase from your local pet store, such as a carved out log or big “rock” caves.

However, you can use your creativity to explore other options such as a clay pot on its side or dense foliage that allow your turtle to get away from the limelight for a bit.

As you consider the items and setup your turtle needs, you can set these things up in many different ways. You can create a jungle them by adding lots of plants and natural rocks. Another option is a more vibrant and modern them by using gravel that is black or white and having minimal items in the tank.

You can even set up your turtle’s tank to look like a lake or pond by adding natural elements. There are many options for creating a turtle tank where your turtle can have all of his needs met and that is an attractive piece in your home.