Types of Betta Fish – Tail Types and Patterns

types of betta fish
Betta Fish

The 7 Types of Betta Fish

Betta fish come in a lot of different species. Although there are distinct variations in these species, there are also a lot of similarities. These include size, color and fin shape. When you purchase a betta at a pet store, you are likely buying a variation of the Betta Splendens species. There are 7 known distinct breeds of Betta Splendens that you are likely to find at a pet store, although there are many more variations as a direct consequence of over 200 breeds and types of betta fish.

Betta fish is often hard to classify because of the similar colorful and long-flowing fins. But the following are 7 of the most identifiable breeds based on their distinct tail patterns.

1. Crown Tail

Crowntail betta
Crowntail Betta Fish

It is one of the most popular types of Betta fish because of its long spiky tail that can extend upto 180 degrees. But even the Crown Tail comes in three different types; the single ray, the double ray and the crossed ray. Of the three, the crossed ray is the most beautiful but also the most difficult to take care of. It is also important to keep Crown Tail Bettas by themselves since they are prone to attacks from other fish. They are also quite aggressive in their own right and as such thrive better in their own small tank.

2. Delta Tail

Delta Tail betta
Delta Tail Betta

The delta tail is another betta popular for its distinct tail. While the tail on a delta tail may not extend as far as the crown tail, going only over 120 degrees, it is connected in a way that makes it looked like it has webbed feet. The tail can also extend to create a fan shape, a good effect on a decorative species like the betta.

3. Double Tail

Double Tail betta
Double Tail betta

A genetic mutation causes the Double tail to have two tails. While the mutation does make the double tail look far more interesting than other types, it also comes with an additional disadvantage. The double tail is shorter than most other betta fish and prone to certain diseases like swim bladder diseases. Not very many baby double tails survive which is why they are rarely seen in many pet store aquariums. Breeders often don’t breed this types because of the high infant mortality rate.

4. Half Moon Tail

Half Moon Tail betta
Half Moon Tail betta

As the name suggests, this betta’s tail resembles a half moon, partly due to its ability to extend to 180 degrees but also because it seems to constitute of the caudal as well as the dorsal and anal fins into one. As a result, it can be a joy to watch, making it one of the most popular betta fish to have. But true half-moon tail betta’s (Whose tails extend all the way to 180 degrees) are hard to find and can be quite expensive. Just as with the Crown Tail, they thrive better by themselves or with non-aggressive species that will not bite their fins off.

5. Plakat Tail

Plakats betta fish
Plakats betta fish

This type of Betta fish has a very short tail that resembles a semi-circle from the base if the tail, wrapping around the whole fish’s body. They are quite different from other species in that they are fast swimmers, are more active and have better immune systems. They are therefore stronger than others and as a result are unfortunately sometimes subjected to fish fighting.

6. Comb tail Betta

Comb Tail Betta – (Photo credit: aboutbettafishtanks.com

A comb tail betta often results from cross breeding a Crown tail with another type of betta. As such, their tails often resemble a crown tail’s but are longer and thinner. This makes them look taller. This type of betta is easy to breed. You can do it yourself by simply breeding two different types of beta, ensuring one of them is a crown tail.

7. Rose Tail Betta

Rose tail betta
rose tail

This type of betta fish is colorful and with a distinct type of tail that may look a little like the half-moon tail. They differ from the half-moon because they are bigger and their tails have a more ruffed edge that looks more like a rose shape, hence their name. Their special look can be achieved by careful breeding but the distinct shape of their tails can only be achieved when a genetic mutation takes place. This however means that the rose tail is prone to diseases and have been known to die prematurely.

There are very many other different types of betta fish. The wide variety is due to the fact that you can easily breed two different types to obtain the color or shape of fin you desire.


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